Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma

Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
Name: Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Zel and Alex
Well ... I do not have many words, except to give thanks to all the wah community, and why not say also, other various forums (especially in English ... I think the competition is here XD) who helped me improve hack. Feature many as Javi4315, Sayer301, creator of the original Zel, GoGojjTech by beautiful music, The sprites resource, Pokecommunity, Pokemon online hackers, Wah Hack, gba roms and other great creators, and well ... seriously than thank so many others would ask please send a private message to post it on the web I did.Pokemon SGS (Shiny Gold Sigma) is a revolution pokemon gba. I made improvements in existing Johto region around Kanto added, plus a special section with the Orange Islands and their leaders. I Am Missing things to fix, as some other translation or misspelled something, things like that, but I think are minimal, and very easy to refine. I invite anyone who can help me do it. However, it is the main thing and working perfectly.Among the major improvements, highlight: 1. More than 850 Pokémon, Gen I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and Alola Forms, catch’em all without need trading. 2. Mega Evolution avaliable. Rightful evolution at every single Pokémon (no need to trade to catch’em all, Cable Link Item at PC Storage is available to that. 3. New evolutionary stones includes: Cable Link, Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Prism Scale, Oval Stone, Shiny Stone, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone and a bunch more, including a new evolutionary object called “Fairy Dust”, allows some Fairy Pokémon’s like Eevee to evolve into Sylveon. 4. Battle Pyramid and Tower available. 5. New effects added, like entrance into a new place, ash grass, high grass, micro grass. 6. Competitive stuff avaliable, coloured stats, IV and EV suggestion. 7. Be able to rightfully fly everywhere. 8. Leaders offers rematch in Johto, Kanto and Orange Islands. 9. Badges as Crystal order and coloured. 10. Improved graphics, colorful & elegant. 11. System clock automatically walk with 5 changes. 12. System clock automatically walk with 7 weather times. 13. New sprites include: new main character minisprite, new places, tiles, trainers sprites, Pokémon sprites, several graphs, etc. 14. Pokemon are more likely to capture that were previously quite rare (Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola species). 15. Sounds remastered & enhanced, more aligned to Pokemon Crystal version. 16. Similarity to Anime occurrences & new rivals accorded to Manga. 17. Leaders reinforced, more difficult & new Ex-Elites. 18. More interesting attacks. 19. New objects, new main characters, history, places, music, events. 20. New Pokémon icons, new trades, Bicycle fixing, new improvements Black & White style, includes: Earn EXP while capture, TM unlimited use, 1 PS survival, repel’s system, Kanto Alola Form, among others. 21. Complete Pokémon Location and available Pokédex to index them all. Gotta catch’em all!Many other things.Things to improve: 1. Maybe some minimal translation error. 2. Insert the remaining 5 Battle Brains. 3. Make Drake's final battle in Orange more dynamic. 4. Fix some annoying little bugs, such as: 4.1. Deoxys and its triangle of origin. 4.2. Error for some POKéMON in seen, trapped and captured Pokédex. 4.3. Failed to lose and start on Violet. 4.4. Face of characters on map. 4.5. Cable Link and others to black when used on one that does not match. 4.6. Oak Home MyBoy (?) 4.7. Decapitalize (?)
Pokemon Shiny Gold Sigma
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